Massage Therapy by Dreama Su
Lawrenceville NJ
since 1991
Certified ABMP#327961 (NJ Lic. pdg.)
1991 Graduate of Health Choices Center for the Healing Arts, Princeton NJ
Clients Include
Bristol Myers-Squibb
Janssen/ Johnson & Johnson
Princeton University
Paramount Pictures
Fitness Centers
                      Dreama Su has been practicing Massage Therapy in the Central NJ area
                             since 1991.
                           Clients range from 8 years old to 91 years old. Her specialized style of
                           Deep pressure, Therapeutic Touch, and stretching is what keeps clients
                           coming back after so many years.
                          Her background in Corporate (a full time employee for Johnson and Johnson
                          6 years, and Bristol Myers-Squibb, 10 years) gives her the experience to identify
                          with the pressures of an everchanging Corporate climate.  
Being a Small Business owner for the last 18 years opens up the opportunity to share skills with
local businesses. Experience in the medical and fitness environments allows for diversity and
compassion, with the ability to adapt as needed for every individual that schedules a session. 
Giving back to the community is important, so there's time spent volunteering Massage Services
for Community events, charities, and womens' organizations.  
Schedule an appointment today, and feel the hands of experience.