1. Relaxation Session
    When you need to Totally Unwind
    Long, flowing strokes , helping to calm the nervous system and ease exterior muscle tension. Pressure is gradually increased as your body unwinds and reconnects to your mind. Light oils are used to reduce excess friction while also hydrating your skin. Stretching is incorporated in each session, increasing circulation and energy. One Hour 75. 30 Minute 50. 90 Minute 110.
  2. Deep Tissue Session
    When Movement is difficult and Muscles are tight
    Deep pressure is used to work through the layers of muscle, relieving pain, increasing motion, and improving function of the muscle. Massage tools may be used to increase pressure in trouble areas, and creams and light oils are used to glide across tight muscles. Your session may also include stretching and range of motion movements. One Hour 85. 30 minute 55. 90 Minute 125.
  3. Bamboo Fusion
    A soothing alternative to Hot Stones
    This remarkable massage technique utilizes heated bamboo sticks as an extension of the fingertips. The bamboo is used to knead, roll, and relax the muscles on all parts of the body. There is a greater increase in circulation because there is more surface contact. Experience the benefits of a great massage and more when you schedule a Bamboo Fusion Session. One Hour 85. 90 Minute 125. Click on video to see how this technique is performed ~
Eco Fin Hand & Foot Treatments

What is Eco-Fin?
It's a paraffin alternative that delivers intense moisture to your skin and warms your joints, leaving your skin soft and supple, in one easy, sanitary application.

It's made from 100% plant-based emollients; palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oils,  shea butter, vitamin E and pure essential oils.

Include this treatment as an Add-on to your Session today!

Hands only     7./Session
Feet only          7./Session
Hands & Feet 10./Session

Click on the video to see how this treatment is done ~
Aroma Touch Sessions - 

Great for elder patients or someone who just needs a light touch, with the added benefits of Aromatherapy included. 

​45 Minute Session - $65
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